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williamchyr posted Nov 4 '19 at 10:07 pm
For Windows:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\William Chyr Studio\Manifold Garden\Saves

The saves should be named:

and so on.

For MacOS:

/Users/USERNAME/Library/Containers/garden.manifold.manifoldgardenmacos/Data/Library/Application Support/garden.manifold.manifoldgardenmacos

You might see a folder with a name l
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williamchyr posted Nov 5 '19 at 9:35 pm
Guidelines for submitting bug reports.

Method 1 - In-Game Bug Reporter
This method ONLY works on the Windows version of the game.

There is an in-game bug reporter. Hit F7 to bring it up. Fill out the information shown.

Your report will be sent to us and will include your hardware specs as well as a screenshot.

This is the preferred method for submitting bugs.

UmeshPatil posted Today at 5:50 am
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Ashish_Mehra posted Dec 28 '22 at 10:58 am
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Johnlent posted Dec 12 '22 at 11:18 am
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recent by Johnlent  ·  Dec 13 '22 at 5:27 am
saxara posted Dec 2 '22 at 8:59 pm
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sparsh77 posted Aug 26 '22 at 10:10 am
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I am playing Apple Arcade version 1.0.15683 on Apple M1 16GB Mini (Big Sur 11.5.2)

Game plays ok for several minutes and then the process terminates without any warnings - returns to the desktop.

Sometimes it goes for 30 seconds, other times I can go for up to 5 minutes.

Launching again not a problem. Seems to remember exactly where it was up to.

recent by snakpak  ·  Jan 26 '22 at 9:34 pm
natebw posted Sep 11 '20 at 1:23 am
I am not entirely sure if this is a bug, but I think so. I am in the the water/portal level. The first blue box I plucked from the blue block tree fell UP to the ceiling and is stuck there. Now I need one more box to direct the water to the waterwheel. I cannot interact with the blue box on the ceiling and it will not fall down. I also cannot get it to regen on the tree.

Is there a way to re
recent by snakpak  ·  Dec 15 '21 at 6:34 pm
HHh posted Nov 20 '20 at 6:49 am
Downloaded the game yesterday for iOS 14. I played a fair bit of it throughout the afternoon and got a little bit past the blue world. I closed the game and opened it again this morning and now my only option on the menu is to make a new game.

recent by snakpak  ·  Dec 15 '21 at 6:32 pm

Bug description
I'm in the room where you need to divert the blue water over a force field using 2 blocks. I'm going the long way through the game, and need 7 more blocks to divert the water elsewhere. I have 7 blocks from other rooms, and I'm trying to go get 3 more from the door behind the fountain. When I go through that door, down the path, and through the next door, my b
recent by snakpak  ·  Dec 15 '21 at 6:32 pm
After a night of gaming, the next day when I start playing for the second time, my progress is gone.

When I try to load, for a brief time there are a lot of saves, but then the screen reloads and its gone.

Manifold Garden (Apple Arcade)
macOS BigSur 11.6
Mac Mini (M1, 2020) - 8g ram
Cable network

Saved games shown for a second:

After a sec it is reloaded
recent by snakpak  ·  Dec 1 '21 at 7:00 pm
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