Manifold Garden


Artist (Short-Term Contract)

I’m looking to work with an artist to help me take the visuals of Manifold Garden to the next level.

Current Status of the game

The game is playable from start to finish. All of the gameplay mechanics and most of the support systems are in (saving, loading, UI, button remapping, etc). There is an art direction, but also a lot of placeholder art assets. Most of the focus at the moment is on performance optimization, fixing bugs, and iterating on the puzzles and level design.

The art style is currently very functional. All of the decisions were made to prioritize gameplay and to convey information to the player. This has led the game to feel cold and sterile, which is not the mood I’m going for. In its current state, the game has too much manifold, and not enough garden.

What I’m Looking For

The ideal candidate is someone who can expand on the current art direction of the game, make it cohesive, and help bring it to life. I'm looking for someone who can provide art direction and create assets for stylized environments that feel organic and vibrant. The role is a combination of art direction and environment art. They will have to work with existing design and technical constraints of the game.

Here's a PDF with the list of art issues I'd like to improve.


This is a part-time contract. Remote work is fine.

If you're interested, please email me at with the subject line "Manifold Garden - Artist". Please include a link to your portfolio.